John Peruzzi (a.k.a. Alessandro Peruzzi) was born in Urbino, Italy, on 30 August 1970.

He began his musical career at the age of 6, playing accordion. Soon he switched to piano attending the “Montefeltro Music School”.

At the age of 15 he began playing guitar.

At the age of 16 he joined the rock band Exit with an intense live activity in central Italy.

At the age of 22, he formed the pop rock band “Archimede“. With this band he recorded his first album ‘Archimede and the time that it was’, published by Infinitely Music.

In the meantime he completed his studies (degree in Pharmacy and Biological Science), maintaining a strong contact with the music world with gigs with “Archimede” and an intense activity as a composer in his home recording studio.

In February 1998, the passion for audio recording and new technologies led him to open “Mediastudio“, a professional digital recording studio, one of the first digital studios in central Italy.

In November 1999, together with Sorini brothers, he formed the pop-rock band “Revolver“, a trio which began its career as a Beatles Tribute Band, and that will gradually acquire an independent musical identity.

As a result of participation at the “Beatles European Festival”, Revolver will earn an important award, becoming italian official Beatles Tribute Band. With this title, the trio began a series of tours that will bring them to perform in stages throughout Italy, and to acquire an ever-increasing fame.

The tours were accompanied by a hard work in the recording studio, which will lead to the creation of 3 albums: ‘Egg’ (2001 – PMA Records), ‘Flying Blind’ (2003 – Sony Music) and ‘Because’ (2005 – Cassiopea / Self Music).

In recent years, John Peruzzi has decided to focus on his studio productions, approaching a more articulate and refined musical style.

This is how the album ‘Nautilius’ was born. It’s a completely instrumental album in which John re-arranges some of his old songs, playing most of the instruments. Special guests played saxophone, ethnic flutes and percussions. The instrumental music contained in Nautilus has a jazzy / ethnic taste, an original combination of ambient, chill-out and instrumental pop.

He then decided to go back to a classic production, proposing a collection of pop rock songs with the release of ‘All You Have To Do Is Done’.
In this album John takes vocal duty and plays all instruments.

The new album, ‘Blue Mood’, was published in early 2014. It’s composed of a mix of instrumental and vocal songs. Music is strongly linked to a blues atmosphere, a journey through contemporary and traditional sounds.